know your network

A Brunch Series

Know Your Network - A Brunch Series

The "Know Your Network Brunch Series" is a positive platform where women come together and network with one another. The goal is to gather like-minded women in one place and let the dialogue flourish. 

Brunches are held quarterly in beautiful locations throughout the Las Vegas Valley. We encourage attendees to bring business cards and show up ready to network and promote their business and/or themselves. Brunches are FREE and open to whomever would like to attend. 

Join A Woman's Foundation for an afternoon filled with beautiful purpose driven women. We invite you to partake in our free networking brunch. Our quarterly "Brunch Series" allows women of all business sectors to get know one another and grow their networks. 

Food and drinks will be for purchase during Happy Hour. 

Bring your business cards, an open mind and come ready to meet other fabulous women. 

Attire: Sophisti[cute] : Photos will be taken. 

Raffle: There will be a business card raffle for all attendees who sign in and drop their business cards with us. 

RSVP: Please RSVP to to be included in our O.W.N. [Her] network. 

The O.W.N. [Her] network will be comprised of many different women business owners who want to grow and share their businesses. O.W.N. stands for "Openly and Willingly Networking Her." Her, being your women colleagues in business. 

For all the women who RSVP, your name and business contact information will be printed and passed out to all the women in attendance on your very own O.W.N [Her] women network card.