areas of service

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness is more than just about looking good. It's feeling good too! A Woman's Foundation stands on the promise to provide resources and events that cater to the overall health and wellness of women. Events like our annual Shades of Health Wellness Summit bring women together to talk and explore all things mid, body and soul.

Educational Empowerment

You never stop learning. Knowing this, A Woman's Foundation makes it a priority to provide educational resources to our community of women. Our goal is to ensure that women have access to rich educational workshops, educational resources and that we provide a platform to giveback surrounding education by partnering with organizations like "Live To Give" for their "Supply A Teacher" event. 

Financial Advocacy

We know how important finances are in today's society. A Woman's Foundation does our part by providing events such as our annual "Day of Wealth" to advocate the importance of financial literacy. Some areas we touch on are personal finance, credit, savings + investing and entrepreneurship readiness. We provide resources that we fell will help all women win. 

Social Engagement

With the rise of social media, social skills are at the forefront. A Woman's Foundation recognizes this and we make it a priority to provide networking opportunities for women to not only grow their social skills, but to connect and grow their social networks through our quarterly "Know Your Network Brunch" series.